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Have you ever been bored of just vanilla? Is vanilla just lacking the thrill for you? Say no more…

Our server contains the following to make it more challenging


  • Dynmap The whole world map in 2D and 3D! (
  • Advanced Achievements– Because the standard one’s are just not enough.
  • Corpse Reborn– Leave a corps behind that you can loot when you die.
  • Dangerous Caves– The caves are now more challenging.
  • Dangerous Nether– The nether has been changed too :).
  • Dragon Slayer– The Dragon will rise again from it’s ashes! Upon defeating the Mighty Dragon only one true hero will be able to call himself the Dragon Slayer. A statue will be erected to his honor.
  • MC Realistic– Never thought this would be a thing did you? Read more here.
  • Post Pigeon– Tame a parrot to send other players items from far away.
  • Quick TPA Just like in modded minecraft you can /tpa to each other.
  • Better Sleeping– With this plugin only 30% of the players has to sleep!
  • Set Home– Now you don’t have to walk miles back to your home again. Use /home set HOMENAME
  • Vein MinerVeinMiner allows players to mine an entire vein of ores whilst sneaking and breaking an ore. It will break the entire vein when only needing to break one ore.


Data Packs